KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21, 2016:

Pakatan Harapan (PH) needs to avoid falling into the “fear syndrome” if it is to succeed as a progressive party in Malaysia, says former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

In his latest blog posting today, Zaid claims that there was currently a transferal shift in strategy taken by PH, where the party is now opting to appeal towards the Malay demographic by dispelling the “fear” which exists within the community.

Zaid questioned on whether the move was the appropriate response in order for the political coalition to attain progress and coherently lead the country forward in the future.

“We’ve heard the assurances and pledges before: don’t worry, the Chinese are a minority; DAP is just good for Penang; the Malay Rulers will protect Islam; the Malay civil service will protect the Malay workforce; special privileges will be maintained; quotas will be preserved; Mara, Felda and Felcra will remain exclusively Malay.

“After all the pathetic assurances, it appears that many Malays still support Umno.

“Will Pakatan Harapan do exactly what Umno is doing ‘to protect Malays and allay their fears’? Is that what we really want Harapan to do?” wrote Zaid in his official blog, www.zaid.my.

He added that PH should re-evaluate their strategy and take in a more holistic view of the current happenings as well as viable solutions in resolving the problems faced by Malaysians and to not only cater and “ally” to “Malay fears”.

“They are fearful that Malays will not comprehend what a good government can do for them.

“They fear that Malays do not understand what an honest government can do to improve livelihoods. They have no confidence that Malays can trust them to take care of things without having to tell them they are special.

“Instead, focus on good governance, good education, good teachers, good schools, how to manage cost-of-living issues, the larger economy and housing needs, how to minimise corruption and a hundred other things a new government can do to help the people of this country, Malays included,” he added.

In his posting, Zaid also stated that PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli and PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad were among the best and individuals within the party and have the potential to lead.

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