KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20, 2016:

Local actress-cum-songstress Siti Zaidatul Fiza Abdul Halim, better known as Fiza Elite has confirmed that she has separated from her singer husband, Adam AF.

“We parted amicably,” the former songstress from the singing band, Elite told BH Online as she wanted to avoid any misunderstanding.

“I think we are no longer destined to be together. I had asked to let me go without hate in his heart. Right now, we are moving forward in our own paths.

“I would like to share this because I wanted (people) to know the actual status. This is because many have asked me after seeing that I am walking without Adam by my side,” the Malay portal quoted Fiza today.

The couple were married in Sept 2013 after knowing one another for only two months and later were reportedly divorced on April 2014 but reconciled briefly despite after pronouncing one talak.

However, last year, Fiza was adamant to seek a divorce again citing that the relationship could not be repaired.

For the second time, the couple were divorced as Adam pronounced one talak at their house in Gombak on Sept 21 last year and the proclamation was done in Shah Alam Syariah Court.

Fiza said she had worked hard and given Adam another chance to maintain their marriage despite the couple being childless.

“After the first divorce, I was hoping that we could still be happy. But things seemed messier and therefore, last year, I became adamant about separating.

“We did not live under the same roof for months,” she told the Malay portal.

Fiza has two daughters, Ferra Aryana and Feeya Adyrra, from her previous marriage to Ahmed Farriq Zainul Abidin.

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