KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20, 2016:

A local actor was heavily criticised after a video of him, of which netizens labelled as indecent, was uploaded on his Instagram account.

The 12-second long video shows Azharudin Ramli, also known as Arja Lee, balancing a ball while wearing nothing but a pink shirt and a white underwear which revealed the obvious ‘bulge’ of his manhood.

Netizens who were disgusted with the video which was captioned “Cristiano Ronaldo play football at home” commented negatively and some were rather embarrassed by it.

“Ade jgak artis bangang kan? Pakai la seluar kalau ye pon,” wrote one netizen, @mohdamirariffin.

(There are stupid celebrities. Please wear pants at least)

“Delete this video. It is humiliating,” wrote another netizen, @rafiaunizura.

However, a friend of Arja, known as Zulhilmi Zainal, commented on the video claiming that Arja’s phone was stolen last night and that some irresponsible party had posted the video using his social media accounts.

“FYI, hp arja telah hilang malam tadi. Video ini di upload oleh orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Saya sebagai shabat arja, tahu arja takkan post benda macam ni. Jangan main fitnah je,” he wrote.

(FYI, Arja’s phone was stolen last night and some irresponsible party uploaded this video. I’m his friend and I know for sure he will never post such video. Please don’t spread rumours).

Zulhilmi also wrote that they had reported the case to the authorities.

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