JOHOR BARU, Jan 19, 2016:

Mainstream Bahasa Malaysia newsportal Berita Harian Online (BH Online) apologised to the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, for publishing an article that gave the impression that football club Johor Darul Ta’azim (JDT) copied another brand’s idea for an advertisement.

The portal, in a posting on its site late yesterday at 7.55pm, also extended its apologies to the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, as the owner and patron of the JDT club.

BH Online had earlier published an article under the heading “JDT tiru iklan Nike” (JDT copies Nike ad) that was published on the same day based on a previous article from pro-Umno portal MyKMU.net.

The article cited a report byMyKMU.net, alleging that JDT would likely be sued by sportswear company Nike, following a similar video clip for the Brazilian team in 1998.

The BH Online article has since been removed.

At the same time, MyKMU.net has also apologised to Tunku Ismail and JDT on its article and have also removed the post that created the issue.

“We understand that the article has been misinterpreted as accusing JDT of copying a Nike video clip.

“This has given the impression that both JDT and TMJ have been sued by Nike.

“We hereby retract the article in order to avoid the controversial issue,” read excerpts from the apology that was posted in Bahasa Malaysia on its portal.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Tunku Ismail said he was disappointed with the mentality of Malaysians who were more interested in finding fault with others rather than giving credit to those who wanted to change and move forward.

He explained, in an exclusive interview in the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page posted late yesterday, that the original shoot of the JDT jersey video clip was supposed to be on an island in Johor but could not proceed due to the team’s boat being serviced.

“I agreed when the production team suggested that the shooting location be changed to the Senai International Airport.

“I wanted to launch the JDT jersey in a glorious way,” said the Johor crown prince in a post to explain the issue in which similarities have been pointed out between JDT’s jersey advertisement to Nike’s 1998 advertisement.

It has since received 10,517 likes, 884 comments, 1,830 shared and 109,451 views. The post went viral. However, at about 1pm today, it could no longer be accessed.

In the interview, Tunku Ismail also touched on JDT’s development and its ideas that have been followed by other teams such as bucket seats in the stadium, that he had taken from Spain.

“For our bus, we followed the design of AC Milan and Juventus, with the teams putting their logos at the rear of their team bus.

“All this is for the good of football. I admit that I have learned a lot from the countries that are far ahead of us.”

Tunku Ismail also lashed-out at those of “low mentality”, especially some Malays in the country.

He said issues such as this should not arise, but they did due to people being jealous and envious of Johor.

“This is the weakness of the Malays since the past. If you want this country to move forward and want to continue to develop football, please change the mentality and mindset,” said Tunku Ismail.

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