KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 19, 2016:

Controversial celebrity Azwan Ali said he had appointed two lawyers to handle any legal matters with regard to a possible lawsuit against him by Kicap Tirana Sdn Bhd.

Sinar Online reported Azwan as saying that he would not retract his earlier remarks as he felt he was on the side of the truth.

Kicap Tirana at a Press conference yesterday said it had given Azwan a notice of demand on Jan 12, in which it wanted the celebrity to retract the comments and videos he had posted on Instagram regarding an advertisement of one of the company’s products, the Tirana soy sauce.

Azwan was given 14 days to respond, after which the company might proceed with legal action.

Azwan was also asked to apologise over what he had said.

Meanwhile, Azwan maintained that his comments were strictly on the advertisement, and not the product itself.

“I stand by the fact that as an experienced person, I have the right to give comments on all advertisements, television programmes, without any doubt,” he told Sinar Online.

The whole controversy began when Azwan uploaded comments and also a video criticising Tirana soy sauce’s advertisement.

He had also asked his followers on Instagram to join him in his criticism against the advertisement, offering his rendang as a reward.

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