KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18, 2016:

Prominent motivational speaker Dr Azizan Osman has entered into a spat with an unknown social media user over remarks on doing small businesses to generate additional income.

In a posting on his official Facebook page, Azizan said he had only intended to provide examples of businesses that did not require a large capital such as lawn mowing, carpet and car washing, among others.

This obviously did not go down well with the social media user who felt the jobs were too menial and demeaning.

“This person became angry when I gave the examples of the businesses which could be started with small capital, but then he (the user) suddenly became angry with me.

“Is grass cutting really demeaning?” Azizan asked.

Prior to his comments, the individual had likened the examples to jobs that were merely for foreign immigrants.

“Do you think I am an Indonesian or Bangladeshi… to do that type of work… even you would not ask your children to do the same,” the user told Azizan.

However, Azizan said his proposals were considered as sources of income that were “halal” (permissible), and he had personally taken up such work in the past.

“Why do we have to wait to become a Bangladeshi to begin a business? 10 homes could fetch RM300-RM500, 30 days? RM9,000-RM15,000,” Azizan said.

“After the second year, you can accumulate RM60,000-RM100,000 and can start selling carpets.

“In the long run you can become a carpet businessman with 20 to 40 workers who cut grass and earn more than RM50k a month.

“What are the Bangladeshis doing? Dreaming of opening big businesses with high capital and not willing to start from the bottom?”

Azizan’s Facebook status was well received by netizens.

Zaidi Sanusi said: “Even foreigners know that this country is a treasure trove and they are coming here in droves. There is a lot of work and all of it generates income. Do not be too selective.”

Farah Shahzaliana said: “Excuse me for saying. Sometimes Malaysians, especially a portion of the Malays, prefer to been spoon-fed with jobs. They do not want difficulties. Everything is prepared for them.”

For Shahrin Mohamed: “This is the kind of person who does not want to improve their lives. When the foreigners are making a comfortable living, they blame the foreigners.”

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