KOTA BARU, Jan 17, 2016:

Kelantan PAS issued an official warning letter to PKR regarding the party’s involvement with Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah).

It is known that the letter is for PKR not to have any relationship with Amanah in the state.

Kelantan PAS commissioner Datuk Ahmad Yakob said that it would preserve the relationship built, as consented by both parties.

However, he said that if PKR still insisted on building a relationship with Kelantan Amanah, PAS would consider taking further action.

He said that PKR state leaders had earlier declared to be with Kelantan PAS but the agreement was broken once PKR decided to join the Amanah leadership at a few state events.

“So far, we’ve identified three events organised by PKR and Kelantan Amanah which shouldn’t have happened.

“How can such things happen?” he said to the media during the credential presentation and council swearing-in ceremony of the Kota Baru Municipal Council-Islamic City.

Ahmad Yakob said that PKR had to understand the political situation in Kelantan by not making any connection or appearing at any events led by Amanah due to the declaration made.

“But it happened anyway. They shared the same stage with Amanah. It’s a clash,” he said.

It is known that last Jan 13, Kelantan PAS released an official letter of protest regarding the appearance of PKR state leaders at an event organised by Amanah.

The letter was signed by state PAS communication secretary Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi to PKR secretary-general and vice-president Rafizi Ramli.

Among the contents of the letter was PAS’ disappointment towards the PKR leader’s involvement in Amanah’s programme in Kelantan, which was contrary to the spirit of cooperation between the two parties.

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