MIAMI, Jan 16, 2016:

A Florida teacher accused of having sex with her child’s friend has been rearrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence.

Sara Moore, 35, is accused of sleeping with the 14-year-old boy more than two dozen times at her home in St Cloud.

Moore was released on bail last week, but has been rearrested on suspicion of evidence tampering, reported Fox 35 Orlando.

Her relationship with the teen was uncovered when his parents found condoms and sexually explicit Instagram messages, according to an affidavit, according to the Daily News .

Substitute teacher Moore is now accused of going to a local Verizon store to attempt to wipe information from her cellphone.

According to a police report, Moore told an employee she was “in trouble with police” and asked how to delete evidence, remotely.

“Apparently, she made some statements to a store clerk there about wanting to access a phone that was in evidence pertinent to her current case,” said a lawyer.

Staff at the store alerted police, who then arrested Moore once more.

The teen victim, who is friends with the married St Cloud Middle School health teacher’s children, told police he had sex with Moore up to 25 times in the back of a car at a gas station parking lot, and in her daughter’s bedroom.

When his parents learned of the sex scandal, he burst into tears and said that he didn’t want to ruin her life.

Moore, who worked with the Osceola County school district for three years, was fired last week.


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