KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13, 2016:

The breastfeeding campaign on giving awareness and encouraging mothers to breastfeed their children even in public places is a positive campaign, says Umno Youth Exco member Dr Fathul Bari Mat Jahya.

However, such a campaign should not lead to breastfeeding being made available for public viewing on social media.

“If you want to campaign, go ahead, but there is no need to breastfeed the child in front of the media for them to make a recording.

“I am confident that the mothers will cover up and be protected well. Hopefully, there will be no recording with ill intention.

“Beloved mothers out there, Islam is a religion with discipline. At the same time, there is leeway, especially at the right moment. Hence, our actions must be balanced,” he said in a statement today.

He was commenting on the move by a group of mothers to hold a mass gathering of mothers breastfeeding their children with the media invited to provide coverage.

According to Fathul, he understood the purpose for the flash mob to encourage mothers too shy to breastfeed in public, who were now resorting to feeding the infants milk formula.

In this matter, he explained, mothers had two responsibilities — towards Allah by protecting their bodies and towards their child by feeding them.

“Balance the responsibility as Allah’s servants and responsibility as a mother. The method is simple — feed your child while taking care of limitations in revealing your body.

“Not by simply exposing your breasts in public, without being worried about your surroundings,” he urged.

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