KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12, 2016:

Kota Belud Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Lawyers for Liberty’s (LFL) Michelle Yesudas were engaged in a flurry of tweets over the issue of affordable housing today.

While the argument started with that topic and Abdul Rahman’s reported used of the word “communism” in the issue, it quickly turned into a heated discussion on the treatment of the homeless by the authorities.

It began when Michelle tweeted on the MP reported as using the word “communism” to avoid talk on affordable housing policies.

“That’s being lazy,” she tweeted.

This led Abdul Rahman to accuse certain portals that he called “master spinners” for misreporting, attempting to clarify that his use of the word during a press conference today came “unilaterally” from him.

“I was responding to a question from a reporter,” he tweeted in reply.

As the Twitter spat between the two went on over this issue, Yesudas spoke of the need for “public, sustainable housing for lower and middle income, old and young folks”.

“That statement is agreed by all, including me. Question is do you have specific action plan which you like to suggest?” replied Abdul Rahman, who is also Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister.

As the exchange of ideas went on and Michelle questioned: “Then why does JKM still institutionalise the homeless and they are chased by DBKL? It is not solved. Don’t pretend.”

“Sorry I’m confused. Do you want to talk about homeless or affordable housing? Two distinct matters,” was Abdul Rahman’s reply.

This then turned into an argument over the homeless, with Yesudas pressing for answers.

When Abdul Rahman still continued to explain that these were separate topics, Yesudas then replied:

“I don’t get why people cannot see the link between homelessness and bad housing policies.”

The Twitter spat went on for about an hour.

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