KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11, 2016:

“Enough is enough.”

That was the response of one environmental group towards a recreational park in Sabah which reportedly intends to use endangered animals for its own benefit.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) expressed its disappointment at plans by the Tawau Hot Springs (THS) Recreational Park to create a mini zoo featuring exotic animals.

“It is known that the park itself had two Malayan sun bears in captivity without proper care, which they later released into the wild without any rehabilitation.

“THS was only interested in keeping the bears to draw the crowds to its centre, while neglecting their needs and welfare.

“When it could not withstand criticisms any more, its best option was to release them to die at their own pace.

“THS should be held accountable for simply releasing the two bears into the wild without any rehabilitation or seeking the advice of the Sabah Wildlife Department prior to the release,” said SAM’s president S.M. Mohamed Idris in a press release today.

The group also demanded that Sabah Wildlife Department take responsibility for the issue.

“The Sabah Wildlife Department should also be held accountable for not taking seriously the welfare of captive bears despite numerous complaints and for allowing THS to take matters into its own hands.”

Videos of the bears pacing back and forth in their cages, indicating abnormal behavior, were released by a non-governmental organisation, Nature Alert, last October.

This led to a lot of criticism from many parties, forcing the park to release the bears into the wild without seeking advice from the authorities.

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