KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11, 2016:

The selection of the novel titled Pantai Kasih as a literature component (Komsas) in the Form 4 Bahasa Malaysia subject by the Education Ministry is being questioned on social media.

In a Facebook status, one Faiez Ali expressed dissatisfaction over the choice as he felt that the novel, which tells the story of doctors and nurses at a hospital, was inappropriate for Form 4 students.

According to him, the novel narrates the lives of doctors and nurses serving Datuks, Datins and the elite. It also talks about the luxury cars they drive.

“In the story, there are doctors who ride Porches, Volvo 960s. Some live in condominiums that are like hotels. There are horny doctors who flirt with nurses.

“There are doctors who are psycho and arrogant. Some are psychopaths and delusional. Some doctors are having a love affair with doctors. Some want to have a love affair with nurses.

“I don’t know how a novel like this can be in our education syllabus.”

Faiez added that the difference between the quality of the novel and the Form 5 English syllabus novel Catch Us If You Can of 2015 and Sing to the Dawnof 2016 was like heaven and earth in terms of the lessons that could be learnt from them.

He explained that Catch Us If You Can taught children to be strong although they were orphans and take care of the elderly, while Sing to the Dawnhad lessons for children to respect women in addition to giving a voice to farmers who were often used by capitalists and elitists who were land greedy.

“If there is a valuable lesson to be learnt from Pantai Kasih, it is about how people should not depend on others and leave it completely to God.

“Look at the quality of Bahasa Melayu lately. It is really sad.”

The post went viral on social media, garnering more than 1,400 likes and 496 shares.

Faiez’s views were also shared by others, with Fareez Abidin also arguing how the novel was chosen.

“A novel like this in the syllabus? What is the lesson from this novel?”

Meanwhile, Nur Afifah said that the choice of the novel did not benefit students.

“Rubbish! Adding to the destruction of children.”

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