CURRENTLY pursuing an undergraduate media course at a private university, 20-year-old beauty Tanisha Demour is already flying high in the world of beauty pageantry.

Out of 115 delegates, she managed to get a top five placing in Miss Model of the World 2015 contest held in Shenzen, China last October.

And at the Miss Supranational 2015 competition in Poland barely two weeks later, Tanisha made the overall top 10 placing as well as the top 10 in the ‘Best Body’ and top 3 of ‘Best Costume’ subsidiary categories.

Tanisha, who also managed to score in the Miss Teen International 2014 (title winner) and Miss Malaysia World 2013 (second runner-up), attribute her accomplishment to positive thinking, strong family support and can-win attitude.

“Every single delegates are either beautiful, talented, charming, intelligent and have their own charisma. Being genuine and respectful to everyone is very important besides having all those qualities.”

“I don’t pressure myself thinking of where I’m standing at while looking at other delegates. Being positive will always lead me to happiness where I’m able to smile and enjoy every single moment while competing, and my dream is to be a real beauty queen that can educate the younger generation with positive qualities and spread awareness not only in Malaysia but also abroad,” said Tanisha in an interview.

Now that she is in the public eye, Tanisha takes her role seriously.

“The first and foremost important duties (as a pageant contestant) is carrying Malaysia’s name in the international stage, explaining about the uniqueness of my country and why they should travel over here for their vacations.

“Besides that, discipline and punctuality is very important. It is a huge responsibility, and beauty queens can also be an idol and inspiration to many,”

Throughout her participation in various beauty pageants, Tanisha has learned more about herself and the world.

“I used to be an introverted person who was laughed at because I dreamed a lot. Now, I know that nothing is impossible.

“I’m happy to be on the international pageants’ stage and making my country proud by creating awareness on current issues. That, and meeting other delegates, sharing experiences and knowing different cultures, traditions, food and languages are amazing experiences,” gushed Tanisha.

Her advice to young aspiring beauty queens?

“It is a huge responsibility not only for yourself but also for your country.

“Representing yourself as a beauty queen means one is able to change and create awareness and solutions on various issues. One must also be able to motivate the younger generations to strive for the best.”

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