THE British star of House, Hugh Laurie, will play a doctor once again in the upcoming series Chance.

Four years after hanging up his white coat as Dr House, Hugh Laurie is set to star as another doctor as he takes the lead in a new series.

However, it’ll be worlds apart from his role in the hit Fox medical drama House.

Billed as a psychological thriller, Chance sees Hugh Laurie playing a San Francisco neuropsychiatrist who finds himself pulled into a violent and dangerous world of mental illness, mistaken identity and police corruption.

After making a bad decision about one of his patients, Eldon Chance finds himself in the firing line of the patient’s violent spouse, who also happens to be a police detective.

At the same time, Chance is trying to negotiate his way through a contentious divorce, and deal with trials and tribulations of his teenage daughter.

Hugh Laurie is the first recruit for the new series, based on the novel of the same name by Kem Nunn, who also worked as a scriptwriter on the series Sons of Anarchy.

The novelist participated in his book’s adaptation with the help of Alexandra Cunningham, who worked on Desperate Housewives.

Lenny Abrahamson, whose movie Room is tipped for an Oscar in 2016, is due to direct certain episodes.

Production is set to start in the spring, with Chance hopefully arriving on the Hulu content streaming platform by the end of the year.

On February 15, the site will be airing another series adapted from a novel — Stephen King’s 11.22.63 — a historical fantasy starring James Franco and directed by JJ Abrams.

Before hitting the screen as Dr Chance, Hugh Laurie will be seen starring in the The Night Manager, adapted from the novel of the same name by John Le Carré and scheduled to air in April on BBC and AMC networks.

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