PONTIAN, Jan 7, 2016:

A man was killed, while another was injured, after their boat capsized after it hit several rocks in the coast off Tambak Pontian Baru here today.

Both victims, who are in their 30s, were thrown off their single-engine boat in the incident that was believed to have occurred at about 1.10pm.

A survivor was assisted by the public and brought to shore, while a short search for the other victim was mounted.

The victim was later found more than an hour after the search.

The injured survivor has been identified as Osman Omar, 41. The deceased is an Indonesian with a Malaysian permanent resident status and is identified as Zainal Abdullah, 58.

A Johor Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson said a team from the Pontian Baru fire station was despatched to the scene after receiving a distress call at 1.16pm.

“One victim was saved by the public, while a short search was mounted for the missing victim.

“We also requested for a scuba team to assist in the search,” said the spokesperson today.

The spokesperson said the second victim was found in the middle of the sea at 2.46pm by the search and rescue (SAR) team.

“The SAR team, with assistance from the public used a net to retrieve the victim.

“Initial investigations revealed that the victim had a head wound, believed to have been sustained after he hit his head on the boat’s engine propeller.”

The injured man was later sent to the Pontian Hospital, while the deceased was handed over to the police for identification.

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