AFTER stepping back into the shoes of Han Solo for the latest Star Wars movie, actor Harrison Ford could revive more of his past roles with a fifth Indiana Jones movie expected in 2018 and a sequel to Blade Runner filmed this summer.

It’s official: everyone’s favorite archeologist-turned-adventurer will be back for a fifth installment. After years of rumors, Disney – who owns the franchise after buying LucasFilm – has confirmed that a new Indiana Jones movie is in the pipeline.

The Walt Disney Company CEO, Robert Iger, didn’t give much away in an interview with Bloomberg, saying merely that: “With George Lucas’s Star Wars – and Indiana Jones, by the way, which will be coming, we have more great stories.”

It only seems logical that Steven Spielberg, director of the four previous films, should step back behind the camera to accompany Harrison Ford in his emblematic role as Indiana Jones, a part he has played since 1981.

It’s as yet unclear whether the actor – who is 73 years old – will take part in this new adventure, which will no doubt prove physically challenging.

However, the star did recently take up another one of his legendary roles as Han Solo in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Rumors abound on the web, with several possibilities already being debated. Much speculation surrounds the arrival of a new actor (Chris Pratt is often mentioned), who could take over the role from Harrison Ford. Disney should be able to confirm the name of its lead actor soon, as the movie is apparently scheduled for 2018.

Currently filming the eighth Star Wars movie, Harrison Ford is set to grace screens once again in a Blade Runner sequel, due out this summer from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.

Here, he steps back into the role of Rick Deckard, a former police officer who returns to service to hunt ‘replicant’ androids, first seen in Ridley Scott’s 1982 original.

That’s two major roles rebooted to revive a Hollywood career that has been rather quiet before The Force Awakens blasted Harrison Ford back onto the big screen.

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