KUALA KRAI, Jan 3, 2016:

In conjunction with the opening of schools in Kelantan, the Malaysian Armed Forces 16th Regiment assisted students and teachers to cross Sungai Lebir in Kampung Pemberian near Manik Urai here starting at 7am.

It is understood the noble work went on until 7.45am using the Malaysian Armed Forces’ (ATM) boats.

An ATM spokesperson said their officers later sent the teachers and students to school in Kg Laloh, 10km away, using ATM vehicles.

It was previously reported that the Kampung Pemberian bridge linking Kampung Manjor collapsed last Tuesday due to logs that drifted down the river.

The incident left more that 2,000 stranded, with villagers having to use boats to get to the nearest village.

It is understood that water levels changed due to rainfall causing safety to become a priority. All residents were also required to wear safety jackets.

However, the inconvenience was overcome temporarily with the construction of a “jetfloat” bridge by the ATM that could only be crossed on foot or by motorcycle.

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