KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31, 2015:

A passenger’s complaint on the condition of the food served onboard a Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) — formerly known as Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) — flight triggered an online debate.

Twitter user Faizal Hamssin had yesterday claimed the state of the airline food served on board an MAB flight from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, to Kuala Lumpur was a “disgrace” to the overall image of the national carrier.

“This mihun goreng served on @MAS BWN-KUL is more telanjang (naked) than a RM1 meal at cafeteria SK Bestari Jaya.

“More details on @MAS mihun telanjang: there were tiny bits of carrots (i calculated — three) inside. Microscopic bits of eggs. Plenty of oil,” tweeted Faizal, along with a photograph of the meal on his tweet-handle @faizalhamssin.

In his string of six tweets, Faizal questioned the state of the food being served by the airline on its flights and deemed them to be not up to the standards as well as the prices charged by the national carrier.

“Not only do we have to pay more when taking @MAS, to keep the company afloat our taxpayers’ money has been used. We deserve a decent airline.”

He added that as the company stands as a representative of Malaysia to the world, the image portrayed by the flag carrier must be maintained and kept in check.

Faizal’s comments gained much attention from social media users who also shared their thoughts and experiences on the matter.

Twitter user @azfrrr shared Faizal’s input regarding the issue, stating that MAB must compete with its competitors to maintain its overall presence as the country’s No. 1 airline: “@faizalhamssin I agree that @MAS isn’t cheap hence the food must be at par with paid @AirAsia meals!.”

User @NqbAdm commented saying that passengers should not be surprised by the slacking conditions of the food being served on board MAB flights, adding that passengers are better off packing their own meals.

“@faizalhamssin MAS’s food is such a shame! I was on board the other day and they served me a vegetarian meal bcs they ran out of normal meal,” tweeted user @jangankolot.

Meanwhile, some netizens are stating that the airline was not to blame for its deteriorating meal services.

Twitter user @sarah_mustafeen9 commented saying that the airline contracts its catering services to a third party and in turn was not directly responsible for the state of the meals provided.

Another user @_norman_g also claimed to have knowledge on the matter, alleging that MAB had renegotiated a catering agreement in May with a shorter contract term and 25% lower price.

The original posting by Faizal has so far received nearly 300 re-tweets and has been shared on a number of social media sites.

MAB, in an official reply to Faizal, said that the company was currently looking into the matter.

“Hi Faizal, we regret this experience and welcome the feedback for improvement. We will certainly look into this matter,” stated MAB on through its official tweet-handle, @MAS.

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