KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29, 2015:

The suggestion made recently by Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan for Malaysians to work two jobs continues to draw flak.

PKR’s Youth and Wanita wings have slammed the suggestion, saying it showed that the government is “disconnected” from the people’s woes.

PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said the government should instead find ways to alleviate the difficulties and sufferings of its people and such suggestions did not help the people.

“Asking the people to take on multiple jobs, cook their own food, grow their own vegetables, ride bicycles and avoid highways with tolls to save cost does not help at all.

“This is especially so when rich ministers indulge in extravagant lifestyles, holidays, expensive personal items like cars, watches, handbags and lavish condominiums.

“Ahmad Maslan’s logic is questionable and he appears to be disorientated. It is very embarrassing for Malaysia to have the likes of Ahmad Maslan as part of the country’s leadership when the objective is to achieve a developed nation status by 2020,” she said in a statement today.

She also shared the sentiments by Malaysian Trade Union Congress which said the government should not encourage dual-jobs among workers as it would eventually take its toll on them and their families.

PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, meanwhile, said Ahmad’s suggestion showed that the government admitted that the rising cost of living was a serious matter.

He added it also showed that the government was at a loss for ideas on how to tackle the issue.

“Not only is the suggestion not constructive as a solution by the country’s leadership, but it also is an insult to the rakyat who are increasingly pressured by having to face the reality of life today which has become burdensome.

“If the Barisan Nasional government really believes that people should take two jobs as a solution for rising living costs, it is proof that the government has failed in managing the economy better, causing the rakyat to shoulder more burdens,” he said in a statement.

Last weekend, Ahmad encouraged people to take on online business ventures, making it a second job to allow people to earn more money.

The remark sparked criticisms by many who said that the government should come up with a better solution to the rising cost of living. They also poked fun at the idea.

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