KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 26, 2015:

The streets of Kuching were “invaded” yet again by ninjas, only this time they brought messages of joy and merriment as the world celebrated Christmas.

The video posted yesterday showcased a group of ninjas parading around the capital city, singing Christmas carols, dancing and handing out candy canes to locals to bring home the essence the global celebration.

The five-minute clip, titled Christmas Ninja — #NinjaLove Kuching, Sarawak, posted on YouTube channel by Colette Aplech Productions, featured the jubilant efforts of 13 ninjas, all dressed in black — with the exception of the red Santa hats — spreading joy all around by staging a flash mob on the streets as well as shopping malls in Kuching.

Chai Lee Lee, the brainchild behind the joyful video, said that the objective behind the cheerful scene was to unite Malaysians in the spirit of celebration in midst of the holiday season.

“The main purpose of this act is to show unity within us that we can all celebrate a festival regardless of races and religions,” she told The Rakyat Post.

The video, made in cooperation with The Filmmakers Company, as well as radio stations Hitz FM and MY FM, was intended to inspire Malaysians to share and communicate “positive vibes” and spread happiness to all those who need it.

“I hope that through this video I can tell the world that Christmas is a festival that can be celebrated by anyone; this is how our world is supposed to work,” said Chai.

Previously, Chai had posted a video showcasing a group of ninjas handing out roses to members of the public around the state capital. That, too, went viral on social media.

The latest video is gaining attention among social media users who were equally ecstatic about the joy shared through the efforts of the merry ninjas.

Youtube user Stephanie Luhat commented: “Super cute leelee!! Merry Christmas!.”

While another user, JawsofGoat, said that the video was a testament of the spirit of Christmas and its celebration here in Malaysia: “This is truly something wonderful. It perfectly captures the joy of xmas here in Malaysia. We don’t have snow but we have ninjas! Merry xmas!!.”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y81JM2NmvmI

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