BATU PAHAT, Dec 23, 2015:

Senior citizen Tan Yang Soon, 64, who was one of the survivors of the Chiang Mai bus crash, told his son of his two-to-three minute ordeal before the ill-fated bus crashed into a ravine on Sunday.

His son, Tan Sien Nian, 36, relayed that his father (Yang Soon) was among one of several passengers who tried their best to pull up the brakes of the bus before it plunged into a ravine.

“According to my father, the bus driver seemed to be inexperienced when negotiating the mountainous road when going downhill.

“He (Yang Soon) said he and several other passengers tried to help after the bus lost control and hit two other vehicles. But the bus later plunged into the ravine,” he said when met at the Hoon Cheow Tong Association building in Jalan Sultanah here today.

Sien Nian said his father, who is a seasoned lorry driver, knew that somehow a tragedy was going to happen after the bus lost control and hit a car and later a pick-up truck.

He said his his father, who is now recuperating after surgery in McCormick Hospital in Thailand, said the crash occurred quickly and he could not remember much.

Yang Soon, who suffered leg injuries, could not be flown back for the wake and is still receiving treatment.

Of the 22 who were on board the bus during the tragedy, eight of them were still being treated in hospitals in Thailand, five of whom were critically wounded.

Today saw the remains of four of Sien Nian’s family members brought to the funeral parlour.

They were his 85-year-old grandmother, Low Chee Lan, his aunt, Tan Sui Heng, 54, his uncle, Ker Bong Ngwang, 57, and a niece, Tan Thin Thin, 39.

The four were among the 13 killed in Sunday’s tragedy.

“My father keeps asking about the rest of the family members after he completed surgery to his left leg that broke in four places.

“He only knows that his 85-year-old mother, who is my grandmother, was killed in the mishap,” said Sien Nian in an emotional tone.

Meanwhile, a Tan family relative, Alice Lee, 60, said the remains of the family will be cremated in Pagoh, near Muar.

“Thin Thin’s remains will be cremated on Friday, while the rest of the family members will be on Saturday,” she said, while consoling Sien Nian on his loss.

Earlier, the remains of those who perished during Sunday’s bus tragedy arrived after a four-hour journey in hearses from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base in Subang.

The convoy, escorted by police, arrived in Batu Pahat about 9am before reaching the respective funeral parlours and homes for the wake.

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