KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20, 2015:

With Kelantan and Johor set to enforce a ban on the sale of vape devices and liquids come January, Malacca will not follow suit pending a Federal Government ruling on the matter.

The Star Online reported that the state would continue giving out licences to vape traders until new laws are enacted to regulate vaping or until a total ban on the products is imposed.

Quoting Malacca Housing, Local Government and Enviroment committee chairman Datuk Ismail Othman, the newspaper reported that the sale of vape merchandise was not that widespread in the state.

Ismail also said they did not want to demoralise the young entrepreneurs who ventured into the trade by imposing a ban as they had invested large amount of money in their business.

While the Federal Government has yet to impose an outright ban on vaping or the sales of vape products, Johor led the way in imposing a ban following a decree by the Sultan.

However, the Health Ministry announced previously that only licensed pharmacists could sell vape liquids containing nicotine.

Ismail meanwhile reminded traders that while they could still be given licence to trade in vape products in Malacca, they should not abuse the licence by selling vape liquids that contain illegal substances.

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