KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19, 2015:

Embroiled in a divorce battle, Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng has lost the latest court case with his wife of over 40 years, former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai.

In a report by UK’s The Daily Mail, the non-executive chairman of Laura Ashley Holdings who wanted the divorce proceedings to be carried out in Malaysia lost the battle when the Court of Appeal in London ruled that the case should proceed in England.

Previously a UK High Court judge had ruled that the proceedings, which centres on divorce settlement, should continue in England.

Khoo challenged the ruling in the Court of Appeal, a battle which he lost after three judges dismissed his challenge.

It was reported that Khoo had wanted the case to be heard here based on the fact that their marital home is in Malaysia.

Chai, however, noted that they had relocated the family home to Hertfordshire prior to separating last year, thus insisting the case should be tried in England.

According to Chai, her husband is worth at least 440 million pounds, wanting half of the amount.

Khoo had also denied her claim that he failed to provide a proper account of his assets.

In June this year, the Malaysian Court of Appeal ruled that even though Chai was no longer a Malaysian citizen, the common law rule that a wife’s domicile follows her husband, applied.

The decision came following Khoo’s application for the domestic dispute to be heard in this country, as he maintained that his official place of residence was in Malaysia.

After the June ruling, Chai’s lawyers had said they would file for leave to appeal the decision in the Federal Court.

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