SINGAPORE: Dec 18, 2015:

Singapore’s manpower ministry has drawn criticism on social media over a post about foreign workers, reports the BBC.

A Facebook album uploaded to the ministry’s official page featured a photograph of Minister of State Teo Ser Luck lying on a worker’s dormitory bed.

It was accompanied by the caption: “I learnt that some workers prefer to sleep without a mattress as they are used to it back in their home country”.

Teo denied making that comment when contacted by the BBC.

But the Ministry of Manpower told the BBC that it would not be removing the post and had no further comment. The ministry spokesperson said Teo visited the dormitory to mark International Migrants Day.

Singapore is home to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers brought in to work in the shipping and construction industries, jobs that not many Singaporeans are eager to take on.

Employers provide accommodation for migrant workers. However, advocacy groups have raised concern over their living conditions which can be crowded and unsanitary.

According to the BBC report, the post has drawn criticism among the country’s vocal online community.

While some Facebook users defended the caption, others criticised Teo for being “insensitive and condescending”.

“Is your head so far up the ivory tower? Our politicians really need to reflect on how far out of touch they are with reality,” said Facebook user Johnny Tang.

Jeff Chua suggested that most foreign workers made the choice to sleep without mattresses because of “bed bug infestations” in dormitories.

Read full story at:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35129247

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