KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17, 2015;

Sexual assault threats made against the group of prominent Malays, or G25, should not be tolerated, says Coalition on Plan of Action for Malaysia (GBM)

GBM programmes director Ho Yock Lin said efforts to intimidate and silence the G25 should be put to an end, especially when it involved violent and appalling threats towards the group and its members.

Previously, local news portal The Malay Mail Online reported that a man, through a posting made on Facebook, had allegedly threatened to break into G25 spokesman Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin’s home and presumably sexually assault her over her statement calling for a review of syariah laws in the country.

“We, the following civil society organisations, condemn the efforts made to coerce and silence the group of prominent Malays, known collectively as G25.

“Especially disgusting and obnoxious is the threat of sexual assault made against the group spokesperson.

“He (the Facebook user) has since claimed unconvincingly that it was meant as sarcasm and that it was his human right to do so,” said Ho in a statement today.

She urged the authorities to take such threats seriously and take immediate action against any who associate with such behaviour towards the G25.

Ho added that Malaysians should focus their efforts on endorsing and facilitating a forum where rational dialogue and comments on the system that existed in the country could be discussed, particularly when it came to Islam.

She said the G25 had been functioning to make Malaysia a model nation as a moderate, harmonious and progressive Islamic multicultural democracy and beacon of tolerance.

“We are in complete solidarity with G25’s mission.

“It is important that they protect the freedom of expression of all civil society organisations, and not just those that work in their political interests.”

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