KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 13, 2015:

A woman’s rant on the perceived negligence of Malaysian doctors has gone viral on social media.

Facebook user Miela Bedul yesterday posted several images of what appeared to be an injured knee, which had apparently been operated on.

In the posting, Miela was unsatisfied by the way the operation was done on the patient, whose identity was not revealed.

She claimed that the doctors, supposedly at the Sungai Buloh Hospital, who had operated on the patient, were irresponsible in their duties as medical personnel.

Macam ni ke doctor di Malaysia buat kerja? Weh ini kaki manusia doctor Malaysia oii, bukan guni (Is this how Malaysian doctors do their work? This is a human leg, not a jute bag),” wrote Miela in her Facebook posting.

Miela also questioned the “sincerity” of the doctors who had operated on the patient and claimed that the doctors at the hospital were unprofessional in their line of work.

The posting quickly gained the interest of social media users. However, Miela’s intention to ridicule Malaysian medical practitioners backfired as several doctors came in to provide answers to her comment.

One Facebook user, Mahyuddin Mohamed, supposedly an orthopedic specialist at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital, Temerloh, said that based on his observation of the image, the stitching applied by the doctors who had operated on the patient was “excellent” and medically accurate.

“For the reader’s information, the human skin on the knee is quite slack in order to allow movement of the knee joint, and is not the same as the skin on one’s head or one’s face.

“Wounds in the knee area must be stitched using a technique called ‘mattress suture’ like what has been done by the doctors who operated on the patient,” he said.

He added that the public should not be too quick to judge the competence of medical practitioners, merely based on aesthetics and appearance of the work that has been done.

“In medicine, the science of stitching is immensely broad, even graduate medical officers who just started working would not be able to complete this type of stitching,” he added.

Another Facebook user, Aznil Hisham, supposedly a medical practitioner as well, said that the work done by doctors and medical personnel was carried out with the benefit of the patient in mind.

“We prioritize infection complications on the wound as well as other complications, we want the injury to heal and join nicely,” he said.

The posting have gained tremendous attention with netizens calling on Miela to apologise to Malaysian doctors and medical practitioners for her derogatory comments.

Facebook user Habib Zaid Al Fatani said Miela should express regret for her negative judgement towards the people who had helped the patient.

Another user, Ayu Adnan, commented: “I demand for an apology from her, on behalf of others ‘doktor malaysia’.”

Based on initial observations, it appeared that Miela Bedul’s Facebook account had since been deactivated.

Screengrab from Facebook.
Screengrab from Facebook.

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