KOTA BARU, Dec 11, 2015:

PAS will not accept the political cooperation offered by Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak unless Umno changes the direction of its policies towards Islam, says Kelantan PAS Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari.

He said that as long as Umno did not practice Islamic teachings in its political practices and administration, PAS would not accept the offer.

“With the current situation of Umno’s administration of the country, as stressed by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, there is no space for unity between Umno and PAS.

“The offer by the Umno president to PAS to join forces proves Umno’s recognition that PAS is on the right track,” said Ahmad Fadhli in a statement uploaded to his Facebook account today.

He said it because there were no weaknesses in PAS’ efforts that Umno made such an offer and Umno would not have made such an offer if PAS was wrong.

“There is nothing lacking in PAS’ efforts in the eyes of Umno to the point that an offer to join forces was made. This is because it is illogical for Umno to invite a party that it sees as bad.

“As such, there is no reason for Umno members to reject PAS in the coming general election.

“However, to PAS, Umno is still wrong as long as the administration of the party and country is not based on Islam,” he said.

In his policy speech on Thursday, Najib had openly offered a hand to Umno to cooperate with PAS since the latter party was no longer a major component of the Opposition coalition.

However, Abdul Hadi in a statement stressed that at the same time, PAS was still cooperating with PKR even if it did not see eye-to-eye with DAP.

He also said that now was the right time for Umno to practise Islamic teachings and the Islamic way of life in every part of its journey and struggle regardless of whether it was in political, social or even economic aspects.

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