CHENNAI, Dec 9, 2015:

A Hindu couple who have named their newborn after a Muslim who came to their rescue during the recent flood crisis is one of many tales of humanity emerging from Chennai

Chitra and Mohan, hailing from Urapakkam which suffered one of the worst flooding in the city’s southern neighbourhood, named their daughter Yunus after the MBA graduate who rescued the pregnant woman from neck-deep waters and moved her to a hospital, reported the Hindustan Times.

The couple thanked Yunus by naming their daughter after him, with the businessman now promising to take care of his namesake’s educational expenses.

Narrating the experience, Yunus said, “I hail from Nungambakkam and I realised on the night of Dec 2 something is not right and I thought of helping my friends in Urapakkam area, which was one of the worst-hit areas due to the heavy rainfall.”

The screams of a woman in the area initially sounded like a frightened reaction to Yunus and his friends, but “later I realised she was undergoing labour pain”, Yunus told PTI.

“At first, my objective was to take her and the family to a safer place and we moved her to nearby Perungalathur by boat. That 15-minute journey is unforgettable,” he said.

However, he got the surprise of his life when Mohan informed him that he has named his daughter Yunus.

In a text message to Yunus, Mohan informed him of the birth of his daughter and his decision to name her after the Muslim postgraduate.

“We take pride in this,” Mohan had told him. Having himself been a victim of a disaster, Mohan has vowed to contribute 50 per cent of his salary for the needy.

Read full story at:http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/hindu-parents-thank-muslim-saviour-by-naming-daughter-after-him/story-li8bjQPqCFCy8BPHu7fCfI.html?utm_source=LI&utm_medium=most-popular

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