KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7, 2015:

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants Umno to remain united and does not want to see the party in chaos.

The party president said this was among issues troubling him, especially with the Umno General Assembly 2015 starting this week.

“I want the party to remain united…I do not want to see the party in chaos or divided…I want party members to close ranks,” he said in an interview with TV3 that was conducted by the group managing editor, News and Current Affairs, Media Prima Bhd Datuk Seri Mohd Ashraf Abdullah, group managing editor of The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd, Media Prima Bhd Datuk Abdul Jalil Hamid and Utusan group editor-in-chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Ishak.

The video of the interview has been uploaded on the websitewww.newsplus.my/live-tv orhttp://www.newsplus.my/newsrooms/tv3/

Najib admitted that he was hurt by the many personal attacks launched by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad against him.

Najib said he could accept all the criticisms made by the former Prime Minister if it were against his policies and administration.

“But he (Dr Mahathir) voiced out his opinions on matters that are too personal….”

The Prime Minister said at the general assembly, the delegates must have confidence in him and the party leadership as what happens during the assembly would get the attention of many people.

“The mood of the assembly will be scrutinised, not just by the people in the hall, but also by those overseas.

“The party’s image must be preserved, show a good image and as members of the ruling party, we must show that we are responsible and can look after the interests of the party so that friends and foes continue to show respect,” he said in his message to 2,762 delegates who will attend the assembly from tomorrow at the Putra World Trade Centre.

He said at the assembly this year will be an exhibition on Barisan Nasional’s achievements in fulfilling almost all of the manifesto during the 2013 general assembly.

Najib said based on the status, Barisan Nasional had a good chance of winning the general election although a few problems need to be ironed out.

“This is because if we look at the alternative (opposition), they are in chaos. I feel they have a problem to decide their leader. However, though our position has dropped a little due to issues played up by certain people, we still have time to make up,” he said.

Asked if there was a conspiracy to oust him, the prime minister said what was important was to show that he had not done anything wrong morally or against the law.

“There are more than 20,000 Umno branches and only a few may not be happy. They are those who may have lost and therefore not happy with their division leaders,” he said.

– PAS –

Najib also said PAS has shown encouraging signs of possible collaboration with Umno as seen from some of their actions in supporting Umno.

He said one of the positive signals was when PAS did not reject the Supply Bill 2016 at the Dewan Rakyat on Nov 16, which was an encouraging sign towards cooperation between the two Malay parties.

“In voting for the budget they abstained from voting against the budget. Although they did not vote in our favour, they did not reject it either. These are encouraging signs to me.”

Najib added that statements made by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din had also shown positive signs towards a collaboration.

Abdul Hadi had on several occasions been seen to be supporting Umno, among them not rejecting the Cabinet reshuffle last July and supporting Najib to not succumb to pressure to resign as Prime Minister.

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