SAN BERNARDINO, Dec 5, 2015:

Thousands of people have shared a video on how to survive an active shooter since Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino.

According to The Independent, the video titled ‘‘RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.’’ is an educational video on what to do if a gunman attacks a workplace.

According to the video, there are three options – run, hide or fight.

The video was originally released in 2012 by the City of Houston; and since Wednesday’s shooting, it has been shared widely by media outlets such as ABC and FOX, authorities like the FBI and thousands of Americans. The first piece of advice is — one should run when there is a possible escape path and should do so whether others agree to or not.

Secondly, if evacuation is not possible, one should find a place to hide – ideally behind large objects and to remain silent.

The video advises that fight is only an option if lives are in danger.

The narrator says: “As a last resort, if your life is at risk, whether you’re alone or working together as a group, fight! Act with aggression. Improvise weapons. Disarm him… and commit to taking the shooter down, no matter what.”

Read more at:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/san-bernardino-shooting-thousands-sharing-surviving-an-active-shooter-video-after-california-a6760366.html

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