KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5, 2015:

Renowned actor and comedian Harith Iskander has ridiculed the claim that Malaysian men would purportedly “follow up” any woman who smiled at them — something vouched for in court by a former Malaysian envoy charged with sexual assault in New Zealand..

Reacting to the public outrage generated by the claim made by 39-year-old Muhammad Rizalman Ismail, Harith provided some comic relief to the situation by mocking the former military attache’s testimony made in a New Zealand court.

“I was at the airport about to catch a flight to Singapore when a woman smiled at me which is — as we have recently discovered via a Malaysian diplomat in New Zealand — a Malaysian signal for me to follow her”

” … So now I’m boarding a flight to Penang.

“Wish me luck people!” the actor said in a Facebook posting today.

The posting received more than 5,000 likes and at least 1,000 shares at press time, showing the popularity of the comedian and the utter disgust of Malaysian men at the testimony in court.

It was reported yesterday that a New Zealand court judge was told that the former Malaysian military attache, facing asexual assault charge by a local woman there, had defecated outside her house before committing the act.

This was apparently in a bid to put the victim under a “love spell”, as practised in black magic.

Such “dirty (filthy) tactics” are more commonly narrated in local news reports when robbers from a neighbouring country are said to routinely put their intended victims under sleep (“pukau”) when they decide to ransack any house.,

Rizalman had recently pleaded guilty to the charge of indecently assaulting Tania Billingsley on May 10 last year at her home in Wellington.

The NZ Herald reported that Rizalman told the court that he followed Billingsley home after she smiled at him and that it was customary for Malaysian men to “follow up” after a woman had done so.

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