BIOGRAPHIES. Cookbooks, graphic novels. And much more! There’s something for everyone, so do visit the annual Big Bad Wolf book sale at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre at The Mines starting today.

Themed ‘1960s – Bringing Back the Good Old Days’, a total of 3.5 million books are on sale, running 24-hours daily till Dec 14.

“At a time when there were fewer distractions, kids invented their own games, adults shared conversations more freely, and everyone read because it was one of the prime recreational activities. We recreated the ‘60s ambiance for this year’s sale to remind people of simpler times when people read for the joy of learning and being informed, when we could buy more books for less than what we pay for one book today,” recalls managing director of BookXcess and BBW sale organizer Andrew Yap.

Following last year’s successful collaboration with Buku Fixi, BookXcess is again partnering with the publisher to sell 12 Malay titles.

There will also be a launch of ‘II’ (read as ‘Dua’), a compilation of sci-fi and murder mystery stories, tomorrow (Dec 5) at 10pm.

The writers of the book will be present for a book-signing ceremony. Only 3,000 copies of the book will be available for the sale.

BookXcess is also resuscitating the Receipt Book stories. However, this current edition will feature stories written in Malay. The winner of this year’s Receipt Book story will be printed on sales receipts.

The ‘Force’ will also make its presence at the BBW sale on Monday (Dec 8) with the launch of Star Wars merchandise including collectible books, movie posters, tin-plated signs and giant-sized blueprints.

As in previous years, there will be two charity drives at the sale. For the Project Amal programme, each of the 350 underprivileged children between the ages of 7 and 17 will be sponsored a budget of RM150 by Hong Leong Bank.

Each child will be accompanied by a volunteer to help select the most suitable books based on the child’s literacy level. The children will also be treated to meals and a storytelling session.

The other charity drive is the ‘Red Readershood’, where BBW customers are encouraged to buy and donate books for the needy. The same campaign last year collected more than 30,000 books.

There will be 20 food vendors and two food trucks to cater to BBW customers.

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