MALAYSIAN-BORN Sharvin Jeyendran has always exhibited signs of ingenuity since he was a baby and now the Perth-based 13-year-old is being dubbed Australia’s smartest kid.

Sharvin, who was recently featured in The Daily Telegraph, reportedly has an IQ of 168, which is higher than physicist Stephen Hawking (with a recorded IQ of 160), who’s listed among the world’s smartest people.

The teenager and his parents — lawyers, Deva Menon and Jeyendran Ramachandran — and a younger sibling, moved to Perth in January.

The report stated that Sharvin, who also has a knack for music and sports, topped every subject and is practising for the world ­title in Scrabble competition.

He has expressed interest in becoming a scientist and finding a cure for cancer.

The report quoted his mother Deva Menon as saying: “I first realised how bright he was at nine months. He could walk and run like a four-year-old and he could actually speak with proper grammar and vocabulary.”

The article said Sharvin is part of Mensa — an elite intelligence club whose numbers have been doubling over the years.

*Original Source: The Daily Telegraph

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