KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2, 2015:

What would the future hold for mathematics genius-turned-convicted child web pornography fiend Nur Fitri Azmeer Noordin?

These are posers raised after it was revealed that the 24-year-old has been released and has returned home albeit beneath a cloak of secrecy.

Whether he returned to his hometown in Perak or moved to another location in the country is also not immediately known.

Those in the know remain tight-lipped and declined comment when posed questions surrounding the former Mara scholar, as it has attracted unwarranted attention.

This disclosure comes in the wake of reports this week of a former MAS steward, detained in France for alleged outraging of modesty, returning home and another report involving a military attache diplomat in New Zealand, who was charged with sexual assault.

“It would seem the young man has been released and deported home by UK authorities,” a source told The Rakyat Post.

“His academic future is as good as gone, but there are other issues which need to be addressed.”

Questions about Nur Fitri seeking psychological rehabilitation are now being raised as laws here differ from those in the United Kingdom.

“The police may have announced that Nur Fitri could come under surveillance, but the fact remains that there is no sex offender directory in Malaysia.

“Nor has he been compelled to seek treatment in United Kingdom or here,” the source explained.

Discussions over whether Nur Fitri can be rehabilitated are underway and there are those who have differing opinions.

“Whether it was mere downloads of explicit material, possession, distribution… this case has been brought out in the open and there should be concerns,” a legal source explained.

“Many are arguing that such individuals need constant supervision and counselling, while others feel such forms of addiction make it difficult to kick the habit.

“Many fail to realise that there are no legislation which makes it mandatory for such sex fiends to seek treatment or rehabilitation… it’s voluntary.”

The third-year mathematics student of Imperial College London drew nationwide attention when his involvement with web child pornography and downloading of sexual abuse visuals came to light earlier this year.

Six months prior to the media reports, London’s Metropolitan Police were drawn to an address in Queensborough Terrace, near Bayswater, after they were alerted to an Internet account downloading excessive amounts of pornography.

Their raid last November led to Nur Fitri’s arrest and seizure of laptop which contained large volumes of pornography.

In April this year, Nir Fitri was convicted of offences related to web child pornography and ordered to serve imprisonment.

It was understood he served two-thirds of his sentence and was later released.

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