KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30, 2015:

Exorbitant fees are being imposed to legalise foreign workers without documents by people claiming to be government-appointed representatives.

But even after almost two months, those who have paid are left puzzled if there is indeed such an exercise to legalise illegal workers.

“I was approached by an individual who claimed he was a government-appointed agent and given a set of forms to complete should I have any foreign workers without proper documents,” one manpower agency director told The Rakyat Post.

“We were also provided with a payment mode structure and price list for foreign workers’ legalisation.

“But checks with fellow industry players have raised numerous questions and we have been left wondering whether this is a scam.”

Besides the fees, an additional RM810 and RM500 in service charges are also imposed for each application to legalise foreign workers without valid documents.

Seven sectors have been identified – manufacturing, construction, services, sub sector, agriculture, plantation and spa/reflexology and the fees imposed range from RM5,200 to RM9,300.

Another manpower agency director said he was told that for documentation, besides these primary sectors, several other sectors had also been identified which were said to be “frozen sectors”.

These are cargo and logistics, laundry, barber, textile, mini markets, recycle and scrap metal, golf caddy, welfare homes, security guards and hotels.

“Even housemaids who are employed without proper documents can be legalised and an additional RM1,000 fee is imposed.”

Another concerned businessman said this exercise seemed different from the previous legalisation exercise undertaken several years ago.

“There are no definite answers to our queries with the respective government departments.

“We are not sure whether this legalisation exercise is legitimate.”

Industry players have not ruled out the possibility that this exercise, when it is officially announced, will be targeted at workers who entered the country and have been working legally.

Having overstayed, this would be an opportunity for them to renew their permits provided fines and levies are paid.

“This may not be targeted at illegals who have no documents after they have entered the country legally on social visit passes,” the industry player explained.

“There remains much confusion as to what is actually taking place and we cannot rule out the possibility that there are numerous dubious agents out to make a quick buck.”

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