PUCHONG, Nov 28, 2015:

Nine Telok Kemang Umno branch chiefs will be facing the party’s disciplinary committee for openly calling Datuk Seri Najib Razak to vacate his position as Umno president.

The matter was disclosed by Telok Kemang Umno Taman T.K.K branch chief Kamarul Azman Habibur Rahman during the “Majlis Mendemokrasikan Umno: Berani kerana Benar” event which was held behind closed doors late last night.

“The nine branch chiefs who held a press conference in Telok Kemang calling for Najib to vacate his position have received letters that disciplinary action will be taken against them.

“The nine, including myself, will have to face disciplinary committee on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

“But clearly the action taken (by the party) was quick, and this means that they are worried about this movement and we will arrange more activities, bigger than this one,” he said.

He was speaking during a meeting between branch heads throughout Malaysia with the agenda being to urge Najib to step down as the party’s president.

Previously, several top Umno leaders claimed that the party was still strong and not affected by the grassroots pressure for Najib to vacate the top post.

Meanwhile, Kamarul Azman said there were two Umno branch chiefs who were seemingly hiding the true nature of the mass perception within the party by denying reports and the pressure on Najib to step down.

This was clearly evident when a number of branch leaders came forward with statements denying that there was a movement opposing Najib within Umno.

“There was a motion passed to reject the president, but the motion that was taken by the branch did not make it to the division-level to be filtered, so it gives the illusion that the situation at the division-level is calm, when in reality it is turbulent.

“There are actually a lot of branches that want the president to step down, one of those branches that approved such a motion is Taman T.K.K from the Teluk Kemang division but this was not brought forward to the division level as there were efforts to cover up the motions that were approved.”

He added that the voices of those opposing Najib will be made public.

“Previously our efforts seemed pointless as the branch chiefs who were trusted to speak out remained quiet.”

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