KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27, 2015:

A lawyer representing Daniyar Kesikbayev (Daniyar Nazarbayev), son-in-law of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, today lodged a police report in connection with the SakMongkol Ak47 blog written by DAP Raub Member of Parliament Datuk Mohamad Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz.

The lawyer, Noor Hajran Mohd Noor, when met at the Dang Wangi police station here today, said that in the blog, it was alleged that a major project, without going through the tender process, was awarded to Daniyar involving the renovation of the office of Malaysia’s United Nations (UN) representative in New York.

According to Noor Hajran, the post was published on Tuesday (Nov 24, 2015) with the title “Faulty Reward System and Changeable Governments” was slanderous.

“The contents of this blog are defamatory and are a serious false narrative about my client for the purpose of damaging and degrading his reputation as the son-in-law of Datuk Seri Najib.

“This blog has also said that in September when the Prime Minister was in New York, ‘the deal was inked’ which means a contract has been sealed,” she said.

Commenting further, she said that on the same day the blog was published, it was posted verbatim on the news portal Malaysia Chronicle with the title, “Son-in-Law Daniyar To Be New Jho Low: Disquiet Over Contract To Renovate Govt’s Office in New York”.

Noor Hajran said this, in less than 24-hours, had resulted in negative perceptions of third parties against her client and had damaged his reputation.

“I was thereby instructed to issue a statement that my client, as a foreigner, greatly regrets the actions and lies that have been made against him.

“He believes this is an act that is not healthy for the country’s future where any irresponsible person can easily defame and slander someone else,” she said.

At the same time, Noor Hajran stressed that Daniyar had also applied for the lies and slander to be stopped immediately.

“So because of this, my client has challenged Mohd Ariff Sabri to provide evidence on his claim that ‘the deal is inked’ by the Prime Minister.

“He was also asked to state where he had obtained this information as Mohd Ariff Sabri did not only slander my client, but also had defamed the Prime Minister in writing his blog.”

Meanwhile, Mohd Ariff Sabri had written on his blog, giving his side of the matter to his readers though adding that his latest post was not a Press statement.

Regarding the Malaysia Chronicle headline, Mohd Ariff Sabri said he was not associated with the portal.

“I have no association with that portal nor do I know them. They uploaded my article and restructured them with their slant.

“I have told my lawyer that if my OWN original article is referred, I am prepared to look at the offending words and passages and if necessary will remove the offending passages and tender the required apologies.”

He also said that the essence of his article was the rotten Umno system and its bad leadership.

“It was not about the PM’s son-in-law. I did write some passages referring to the son-in-law as being a beneficiary of the Umno rotten system. But I also said, I hope this news is not true.”

Checks by The Rakyat Post also revealed that the Malaysia Chronicle article may have been removed.

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