KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25, 2015:

Police reports and law suits could hog the limelight as siblings of murdered deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais turn to the courts to reach a decision over his remains.

Many remain tight lipped and some feign ignorance, but relatives are irked as to how the memory of the prominent DPP is tarnished with ongoing developments.

“If his remains have been claimed, so be it but the family elders need to be informed when a funeral service is to be held,” a relative said.

“It’s the only proper and decent thing to do as final rites need to be performed.”

Now, he added, everybody is left in the dark and nobody is forthcoming as to whether there has been a cremation already.

Legal observers have also not ruled out the possibility the remains could have been taken to a private facility to enable a second autopsy to be performed.

Coincidentally, The Rakyat Post has learnt a first police report was lodged shortly before Kevin’s remains were claimed just before noon on Monday, by his younger brother Datuk Richard Dilaan Morais.

Identifying himself as the lawful brother of the deceased, Richard noted in the report he had turned up at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary to claim the remains to provide a decent burial.

He also stated that he was informed by the pathologist on Nov 12 he cause of death to be asphyxiation — a condition of lack of oxygen to the body.

Richard, however, have declined to comment on his brother’s remains.

This took a twist when Richard’s older brother Charles Suresh responding to media reports over the body being released expressed his displeasure with authorities.

“They had been informed that a second autopsy would be needed to be performed,” Charles said.

And, he added, it was on Monday an application was filed in court after he had signed all the documents — the same day the remains were released.

“I have sought my lawyer’s advice about a police report to be lodged, and to be followed with a suit against the authorities.”

He too had pleaded ignorance over the whereabouts of his brother’s remains.

“When I contacted the undertakers, they claimed they have no knowledge over the whereabouts of the remains.”

An evidently peeved Charles expressed displeasure with all concerned who claimed they had no knowledge that a second autopsy was sought.

“This was related to them during our meeting.”

To date, police have confirmed the remains were released to Kevin’s next of kin, Richard’s police report on Nov 23 would indicate he claimed he remains but what remains unanswered was what happened next.

Kevin, who served with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, was last seen alive leaving his Menara Duta apartment complex on Sept 4 for work.

Investigations revealed he was abducted shortly after when his abductors staged an accident which drew him out of his vehicle.

Twelve days later, police were led to a pond behind a vernacular school in USJ1, Subang Jaya where a steel drum was fished out and Kevin found cemented within.

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