KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22, 2015:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has suggested gathering ulama (Muslim clerics) and professionals together to present a counter narrative to the Islamic State (IS).

“We must get the ulamaks together so their counter-narratives can be something people can accept.

“We must also be savvy in how we use the Internet and social media, which we are lacking,” he said during a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here today after closing the Asean Summit.

Speaking about the threat posed by IS, he said the summit talked about terrorism and violent extremism and the threat it poses.

“This was very much part of the agenda and we reaffirmed our commitment to redouble our efforts to stamp it (terrorism) out.

“Malaysia’s contributions have been recognised as we offer our narrative to what IS has been preaching, and which is the authentic and true Islam.”

He said to counter IS was not just a military solution but to win the hearts and the minds of the people.

“We must remind them that IS is perverted and against the teachings of Islam.”

He said there was a growing acceptance of moderation and tolerance as values — something that the world has to accept as a means to combat violent extremism.

“We will work together with like-minded countries to fight terrorism.

“This is not just working with USA but China and Russia as well.”

Najib said that the Asean Summit 2015 was a monumental summit and a global one rather than a regional event.

“It has come a long way and now the world takes us seriously as there is global recognition for Asean.

“I am confident that Asean will continue to succeed in the years to come.”

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