KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22, 2015:

Who should be favoured? – the family of the fallen soldiers who defended Lahad Datu or the ones who caused the terror, asked Awang Selamat, today.

The pseudonym for Utusan Malaysia‘s collective editorial, asked a series of questions, following the case of PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah being photographed and seen having a “friendly” session with the daughter of the late Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, Princess Jacel Kiram earlier this month.

“Has Nurul Izzah met any of the relatives or family members of the soldiers who were murdered by Kiram?

“Imagine if the invasion had succeeded, which party, in desperate need of power, would have gained most out of it (invasion)?

“Shouldn’t they – PKR and Nurul Izzah – prioritise national interest and the sensitivities of Malaysians?

“Aside from our security forces being assassinated, the incident threatens the nation’s sovereignty,” wrote Awang.

Awang also called on Nurul Izzah to be investigated by the Parliament’s Committee of Privileges apart from banning her from entering Sabah.

In addition, Awang also urged that the Attorney-General’s Chambers to charge her for treason.

Touching on the issue of Seputeh Member of Parliament, Teresa Kok, who supported Nurul Izzah’s actions, Awang said that was the standard of political representatives who were more concerned about politics rather than the sovereignty of the nation.

Following the tragic death of 39-year old Sarawakian, Bernard Then Ted Fen, who was kidnapped and later killed by the notorious Abu Sayyaf terrorrist group, Awang said this case should be a lesson for all to ensure that the sovereignty of the country be maintained.

“This has been a lesson for us all. Most importantly, it’s a lesson to make sure that it does not happen any more. Those responsible must be hunted down along with the help from Philippine authorities.”

Awang added that the authorities should launch a covert operation to gain more information regarding the issue.

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