AESTHETIC services may be heavily in demand now, but patients need to make informed decision about such treatments before benefiting from it.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mohamed Siddique says that customers may end up at the doorstep of unlicensed beauticians who provide ‘treatments’ at attractive prices but do not get the full benefit or may even end up with botched treatments.

“If a patient come with a particular concern, we will advise them accordingly. Sometimes, they request for a certain treatment they may think they need but not always necessary,” said Dr Siddique.

Elaborating, Dr Mohamed cite an aesthetic treatment called Juvederm, where the procedure involves injection of fillers to correct facial wrinkles.

“A patient may come to request for it, but as professional and licensed practitioners we would carefully examine the patient and tell them if it is actually needed or not,” explained Dr Mohamed.

Dr Mohamed is a senior aesthetic medicine practitioner at the newly-opened Lyfe Clinic, a wellness clinic that is the brainchild of experienced doctors from various backgrounds.

There are two senior aesthetic medicine practitioners, a general practitioner and an internal medicine specialist.

“At Lyfe Clinic, our clients’ health and comfort are our utmost priority. We believe living a healthy life is more than just medicine. Empowering our patients with equipped knowledge and educating them on the various options of treatments according to their needs and resources during our consultation session,” said Dr Mohamed.

“We already have a wide range of patients ranging from 12 to 70, and we treat skin problems such as psoriasis and dandruff. We also have a number of male patients,” adds Dr Mohamed.

For more information about the clinic’s location and full range of services, visit www.lyfeclinic.com or call 03-7733-2671.

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