KUCHING, Nov 18,2015:

The controversial Baram Hydroelectric Dam Project (HEP) has been put on hold until further notice.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said after receiving much flak for the project, the state would shelf it for now and proceed with the Baleh dam instead.

“We respect their decision for opposing the project and hope they truly understand the impact for refusing it as they will be missing out on related projects which are beneficial for them, such as roads and other necessities,” said Adenan to 7,500 civil servants at the 2015 State Civil Service Day celebration at Borneo Convention Centre here.

The Baram HEP had received much flak over the years as anti-dam groups erected blockades and a social media campaign.

The anti-dam movement also protested at the International Hydropower Association World Congress two years ago despite being allowed to participate.

Earlier this year, the group met Adenan to discuss the matter with Adenan agreeing on a moratorium pending a final decision.

“We will shelf the idea for now. I hope they would not regret their decision in the future.”

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