KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15, 2015:

Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) achievement of securing 35,000 members in a span of almost three months was “impressive” and far better than what DAP had obtained previously, said Gelang Patah Member of Parliament Lim Kit Siang.

Having high hopes in Amanah, the DAP leader said its successful launch in Johor over the weekend was part of a collective bid by Pakatan Harapan (PH) to make Johor the front-line state for political change in Malaysia leading up to the next General Election.

“Parti Amanah Negara is meeting a great political need in Malaysia, offering a political Islam which is open, tolerant, progressive and inclusive, which fully accepts the fundamental features of the Malaysian Constitution,” Lim said in his speech at Amanah’s launch in Johor yesterday.

Lim added that the first test of unity within PH, comprising DAP, PKR and Amanah, would be on Nov 16 during the 2016 Budget voting after its second reading.

He said although PH’s effort to reject the 2016 Budget might not succeed, it was necessary to put on record the sentiments of Malaysians who rejected it.

Lim further expressed that Johor was increasingly becoming an important state for the new coalition, hoping to take it over in the next General Election.

“The three parties in Pakatan Harapan are united in our mission to make Malaysia a just, prosperous and successful nation where Malaysians live in unity, goodwill, harmony and understanding with a competent and efficient government based on the principles of accountability and good governance.”

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