KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13, 2015:

It is “appalling and strange” that police are unable to find evidence of Mohd Ali Baharom’s “seditious” remarks as videos on the incident are still available on social media, says MCA.

In a statement, the party’s Youth Young Professionals Bureau chairman Choo Wei Sern asked police whether all those in the the video in which Mohd Ali, better known as Ali Tinju, allegedly made the seditious remarks had been questioned or whether the maker of the video had been identified and questioned.

“Did the police question the person or people who uploaded the video onto social media? If so, did they not confirm the remarks made by Ali Tinju?”

Choo added that while the bureau acknowledged that it was the Attorney-General’s prerogative to prosecute or not, they remained steadfast that it should be the courts which should decide the innocence or guilt of Ali Tinju in this matter.

“As things stand at the moment, there has yet to be any appropriate closure to the matter as the public is still left to speculate on the innocence or guilt of Ali Tinju.

“It may be interpreted by certain quarters as an acceptable conduct or behaviour, thereby encouraging the reenactment of the whole unpleasant, dangerous incident.”

Yesterday, The Malaysian Insiderreported about the AG revealing that the sedition charge against Mohd Ali was dropped as police could not come up with evidence of the alleged inflammatory remarks.

Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali stressed that without the evidence, he was unable to pursue the case.

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