KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11, 2015:

The Health Ministry have been advised to register and license entrepreneurs and outlets partaking in the sale of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), or more commonly known as vape, in order to facilitate the ministry’s task of monitoring these vendors.

The owner of local vape store Hypnotic Blitz, Nor Baharin Ahmad Zukni, 49, deemed this more reasonable than only allow vaping liquids, or e-juice, to be sold at pharmacies.

He said with the registration of the vape outlets and vendors, the ministry would be able to take quick action against merchants who break laws, such as selling the devices to minors.

“The problem today is that teenagers can simply buy vape flavours that are sold on street corners and sold from car bonnets.

“So when the entrepreneurs are licensed, cases such as these can be avoided, and I feel that there is no problem to register and follow the ministry’s guidelines,” he said when contacted by The Rakyat Post.

He added that the restriction to only allow juices to be sold at pharmacies was rather unfair as cigarettes were currently being sold at convenience stores nationwide.

Bahrarin rationalised that if juices that contained nicotine could only be sold at pharmacies than the same should be said and done with cigarettes.

“In other countries, cigarettes are sold at pharmacies, so the ministry must follow that example.

“I see the move (to only sell vape products at pharmacies) as a means to kill off the vape vendors and merchants in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Vape Business Council feels that the move to only allow pharmacies to distribute vape juice would make consumers uneasy and discourage the public from the product.

Council secretary Ridhwan Rosli said that although pharmacist had the proper knowledge regarding nicotine, they were not familiar with vape juices.

“This will in turn complicate consumers who must compete with other members of the public who visit pharmacies to purchase medicine.

“We know that pharmacists are educated on nicotine, but they still lack the knowledge on juices and may result in problems when they are questioned by consumers.

Yesterday, Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah issued a statement saying that vape liquids containing nicotine may only be sold by licensed pharmacists and registered medical practitioners.

The decision was made following the Cabinet’s decision to ban e-cigarettes and vapes late last month.

Dr Noor Hisham explained that the purchase of the vape liquids must be recorded as based on the Poisons Act 1952, the sale of nicotine was against the law.

“Electronic liquids (e-liquid) that contain nicotine must be registered under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulation 1954, Sale of Drugs Act 1952,” he said.

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