KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11, 2015:

Clearing works at the site of the landslide on the Karak Highway are expected to be completed as early as 10am tomorrow.

The Works Ministry have also said that highway users will be kept informed on the status of the effort.

Currently, traffic is still at a standstill in the area at Kilometre 52.4 of the highway near Bukit Tinggi. Access has been blocked on both sides of the road.

In a statement, the ministry said road users from the East Coast states headed to Kuala Lumpur were asked to exit at the Karak toll booth and head to Pelangai-Bahau, to Seremban, and then to Kuala Lumpur.

They can also exit at Bentong prior to Karak, Pelangai and Bahau, before reaching Seremban and then Kuala Lumpur.

Others who have surpassed the Bentong toll plaza can also make a U-turn before using the suggested routes.

Users heading from Kuala Lumpur to the East Coast and who are in the Lentang rest area, can make a U-turn towards the city before heading to Seremban – Bahau – Pelangai and to Karak.

It is understood that five vehicles had been trapped in the major landslide but no casualties were recorded as at press time.

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