KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 9, 2015:

Buckets, pots, pans and even a coconut!

It was a fun-filled weekend as Malaysian’s rushed to their nearest 7-Eleven convenience store to indulge themselves with a taste of the store’s signature slushy frozen carbonated beverage, the Slurpee, but with a whole new twist.

In conjunction with the retail convenience chain store’s 30th anniversary, 7-Eleven introduced the BYO (Bring Your Own) Cup Day, which took place over the weekend on Nov 7 and 8.

Under the campaign, with just RM2.90, customers can bring along any container and fill it up with the cold frosted beverage and drink as much of it as they can.

Along with the campaign, 7-Eleven also hosted a contest where participants are encouraged to post and share images of their unique Slurpee experience.

Operating under the hashtag #byocupmy, Malaysians flooded cyberspace with their own take of the celebration.

On Instagram, user @staywithching was seen filling up a large canister full of the sweet drink: “SLURPEEEEEEEEEE #7ElevenMY #BYOCupMY.”

User, @adha7700 shared his image of filling up a 5 litter bottle full of Slurpee: “Basahkan tekak lepas turun bukit, macam xcukup je.. Terima kasih 7Eleven, tahun depan kite bedal lagi #7elevenMY #BYOCupMY (Wetting my whistle after going downhill, seems like it’s not enough. Thank you 7-Eleven).”

User, @sumaiyahbajrai enjoyed her frosty beverage in her own homemade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) bottle.

While user, @maisarah.alimohamed shared an image of her sipping Slurpee from a toy Water Gun.

On Twitter, User @Aqililies said that because of the celebration, most 7-Eleven stores ran out of its slushies: “Slurpee macam goreng pisang panas! Hasil tangkapan di 7e ke-4 setelah hampa 3 kali (Slurpee are selling like hot cakes! My catch of the day after being disappointed in 3 out of 4 stores).”

“Today is 7E day. The struggle is real,” tweeted user @ KhairulSyafiq as he poses with his bucket full of Slurpee.

Images of netizens filling in the frosty slushy beverage in a range of items such as rice cookers, cookie jars, motorcycle helmets and many more can be viewed across social media as Malaysians drank their way to a Slurpee induced comatose.

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