SHAH ALAM, Nov 6, 2015:

“Practise what you preach”.

That may be the accurate description given to a man alleged to be a Health Ministry officer who was caught smoking an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), more commonly known as vaping, inside an official government vehicle, although the ministry itself has opposed the activity.

A video posted by the Ad Bukan Nama Sebenar Facebook page shows the official vaping while unaware that his actions were being recorded.

The 10-second clip displayed the official puffing out smoke inside a vehicle bearing the signature heart-shaped emblem of the Health Ministry on the side of its door.

Kadang kadang ini yang menyedihkan, enforcer dari kementerian kamu melakukan rampasan barangan penjualan kami, kamu bersenang lenang vape umpama kamu tak menghiraukan ‘aspirasi’ kementerian kamu yg vape ini bahaya (This is sad, while enforcers from the ministry confiscate our sales items, without any remorse you vape ignoring the ‘aspirations’ of the ministry, saying that vaping is hazardous),” noted the caption of the video.

The video posted today has received 11,153 views, 365 shares and garnered numerous accounts of criticism from netizens.

Facebook user Azman Sejhok Aziz sarcastically wrote: “He is not smoking inside the government vehicle, he is vaping. Cigarettes and vape are different.”

Another user, Helmi Zaini, compared the ministry to “pirates” as they confiscate the devices from the public but still use it themselves.

Previously, the Health Ministry issued warnings that the partaking or smoking of vape devices containing excessive levels of nicotine can induce sudden death to users as well as result in severe addiction to the chemical and may led to diseases such as lung cancer.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the latest in scientific research from the National Poison Centre at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) provided evidence that 40mg of nicotine contained in a 10 millilitre vape chemical container can kill an adult male almost instantly.

He explained that under the Poisons Act 1952, nicotine was placed under “Category C” meaning that the substance can only be distributed or sold as prescription medicine by registered medical practitioners.

He added that the ministry would invoke the act to contain the sale of nicotine, including vape devices and accessories, after further research on the matter has been completed.


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