PUTRAJAYA, Nov 2, 2015:

The Sepang International Circuit Sdn Bhd (SIC) could play a vital role in helping bikers get off the road and put them on racetracks, said Andalas Bikers Club.

Club secretary Azril Sani Puasa said SIC could help by ensuring the rentals were reasonable for the circuit’s Track Day events (when bikers can go on the tracks to race their bikes).

“The current price of RM300 for a 80-minute session is too high for beginners as these bikers also have to spend on other big-bike-related items.

“Last year, it was only between RM200 and RM230 for a three-hour session, with no intervals,” he told The Rakyat Post.

He added that the present format, where riders are divided into four groups, was also not user friendly as riders had to wait 40 minutes after each 20-minute session.

Azril said there was a serious need to encourage the grassroots of the sport to ride in a safe and controlled environment.

“At the end of the day, a user friendly and affordable race track will help society by keeping roads and highways safer.

“SIC is the ideal place for bikers to enjoy, as closely as possible, the thrill of racing on the streets.”

He also urged SIC to consider using local operators for the Track Days through an open tender to avoid it from becoming monopolised.

He expressed regret that the current operator, SBR Trackdays, was from Singapore.

“Surely the local operators are more than experienced as SIC has been around since 1999.”

He noted that Andalas Bikers Club had previously been the operator three times.

He also noted that SIC had been handling all kinds of events, indoor or outdoor, as well as weddings receptions and corporate gala functions.

As such, he said it did not make sense that SIC had to lease out biker events for SBR Trackdays to handle.

At the same time, Andalas Bikers Club vice-president Mohd Hedrhin Ramli said they were hoping to meet Datuk Razlan Razali, SIC’s chief executive officer.

“We hope to convey to him the unmet need for racing sports in the country.”

He also thanked Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin for meeting them at his ministry today to hear their concerns.

He said the minister had promised to look into the matter and see what could be done about it as it concerned youngsters and the development of racing sports.

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