KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1, 2015:

The Vapegasm 1.0 E-cigarette convention was a resounding success over the weekend despite the buzz created last week over the potential nation-wide ban on the devices.

Convention organiser Mohd Arash Abdullah, from Kash Event and Marketing, said the open air event held over two days outside The Strand shopping centre in Kota Damansara drew a crowd of over 6,000 patrons.

The crowd of eager “vapers” had come from all over the country to get the best prices on the latest E-cigarette gadgetry, e-liquids and other paraphernalia from over 90 booths that were set up at the event.

Unlike previous vape conventions which merely focused buying and selling related products, Mohd Arash said Vapegasm 1.0 was also about promoting awareness on issues related to the vape culture.

This was due to the hype generated last week, which saw several ministers come to loggerheads on whether or not vaping should be banned.

The need to create awareness was also related to an incident involving hazardous usage of E-cigarettes, as in the case of a Malindo Air passenger whose vape device caught fire mid flight on board a Boeing 737-800 aircraft en route from Kota Kinabalu to KLIA2.

“In this event we want to promote the proper and safe use of E-cigarettes.

“We also want to encourage vaping with etiquette among users so that others will not be annoyed or offended by the vapour,” he said when met at the event yesterday.

Mohd Arash said an estimated RM300,000 worth of products were traded during the event.

On vaping with etiquette, Mohd Arash said it was important for vapers to vape in the right places.

“This is why we held the event outdoors. We do not encourage vaping indoors out of respect for other people,” he said.

Leon Eli Franciscus, who produced Velvet Vapes Artisan E-Liquids, echoed Mohd Arash on the need for vaping with etiquette.

“I think awareness on this is important and this is where re-sellers of devices and e-juices can play a part to remind their customers to vape in appropriate areas.”

However, Franciscus said vapers who had quit cigarettes were also in a quagmire if they had to vape in smoking zones because they would be exposed to second-hand smoke from normal cigarettes.

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